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Our Services

Gallery Exhibits & Artist Shows

  • With over 2,500 feet of exhibit space, Just Lookin' does rotating monthly shows. Our artists visit for shows several times a year. There is never an admission charge, refreshments are always served, and bringing friends is encouraged.

Art Authentication and Valuation

Just Lookin' values contemporary African American art and authenticates the works of the artists it represents. This service is offered at low cost to our existing clientele.
A service fee is applicable to non-clients.Experts in african american art valuation and authentication, we assist private collectors, corporations, insurance companies, lawyers and others with our knowledge of African American art.

Every original we sell is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Art Procurement Services - If we do not have the artist you are looking for we will try and locate the work for you using either our on-line service, catalogues or through another gallery. 

Private Art Presentations at client's office, residence or in the gallery, targeted to accommodate the collector's schedule. We can provide in-home or office consultation services (charges may apply for outside the local area.)We have a full concierge service for those clients that need a little extra attention. We are able to schedule a private art consultation to help you determine the exact piece of artwork that will work for you.  We also offer hanging and/or delivering to local area customers for large installations .

Fine Art Trading : Re-sales and Purchases

Just Lookin' assists owners of artwork who are interested in selling and/or trading. Just Lookin' may also purchase specific artwork required by clients. A fee may be applicable.

Rental of Art (Prints and Originals) Corporate

Just Lookin's rental program places framed original paintings and/or reproductions in the venues of its corporate and business clients. Rental artwork is determined through consultations between the client and Just Lookin' and our service includes the selection of the artwork(s), presentation, hanging, and maintenance. A one-time consultation and annual rental fee is applicable. Portions of rental fees may be deducted from purchase price should you decide to purchase. Renting artwork is a wonderful way to “sample” a variety of pieces and can be a great alternative to purchasing artwork outright. 

Advantages include:

  • Variety – most rental agreements are arranged in cycles so that different artwork will be brought into your business or office on a regular monthly/yearly basis.  This is an excellent opportunity to discover new artists and decide what may ultimately work best for your environment.
  • Budget – renting artwork on a relatively short-term basis can be more cost effective for the renter.  Rental fees can fit into companies' monthly budgets in a way that purchasing artwork may not. 
  • Tax Incentives – in many cases artwork rental fees are partially or sometimes entirely tax deductible for companies.  Consult your accountant for specifics on artwork rental fee deductions.
  • Flexibility – renting artwork allows you to modify your wall decor in accordance with other interior design changes.  Outdated artwork can be substituted with more modern pieces that will enhance office makeovers. 
  • Maintenance-Free – Renting artwork allows you to avoid the necessary and often costly upkeep of pieces that are owned outright.  Re-framing, cleaning, and conservation are just a few examples of costly maintenance.
  • Please contact us for more details.

Art Rotation Lease Program
Our Art Rotation Lease Program offers an affordable way to display high quality artwork for your project. It is ideal for commercial buildings, private offices and model home displays. Artwork is leased on an annual rental basis, but is changed out during the lease period. This program offers a distinct advantage to property owners or renters who want to minimize the cost of artwork, while providing a variety of fresh, appealing art. Any art that is leased within this program is available for purchased at the end of the lease period at a discount. Please contact us for more details on our Art Rotation Lease Program.

Corporate Exhibitions (Original Art)

Through Just Lookin's corporate exhibition program, we can organize a high level art exhibition of original paintings in conjunction with a corporation. The exhibition will be planned in accordance with the objectives established prior to the exhibition within a client's corporate space. These exhibitions can enhance a corporate work space, boost employee moral, and may also urge clients to visit the workplace. We can also coordinate special events (studio tours, lectures, etc.)

Non-corporate Exhibitions

Just Lookin' organizes, hosts, and/or sponsors private art exhibitions as part of its efforts to promote contemporary black art from around the world. Just Lookin' also collaborates with other galleries, museums, and other organizations to set up exhibitions.

Non-Profit Organization Fundraiser's & Auctions

Just Lookin' has coordinated fundraising efforts for many Churches and non-profit organizations. Previous events have included live and silent auctions, art exhibitions and cultural awareness programsJust Lookin' has the capacity to organize high caliber art exhibitions around the country.

Consultation on the Development and Maintenance of Art Collections

Just Lookin' provides consultation and also facilitates the development, building, and maintenance of art collections. Just Lookin' has a customized process for helping clients decide their fine art needs. We also offer special purchasing programs to help meet your fine art acquisition needs.

Educational Programs

With a passion for education, Just Lookin' offers programs in the form of seminars, presentations, and non-academic lectures on African American art, collecting art, etc. We believe that knowledge leads to even greater enjoyment of art.

Other Related Services

Commissioned work (i.e., custom made art ...)

Installations, etc.

Promotional services for artists.




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