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Fine Art Care

Don't let Summer's high humidity harm your art!!!

With today's rising energy costs; many of us are using our air conditioners a little less. High humidity may allow moisture to build up under the glass which can lead to mold. It can also loosen the archival hinges used to mount works on paper, especially floated pieces. It is cold in museums for a good reason - a cool temperature and medium humidity really is best for your art. If you are going on vacation and want to turn up that thermostat (and don't have a separate dehumidifier) consider moving your most valuable pieces into the coolest, driest room of your house. The basement might be just the place.

Caring for Fine Art

Like all collectables, proper handling of fine art is a must. Remember - improper framing or storage can damage your works of art.

Storing Unframed Art

If you are not planning on framing your art immediately:



Proper Matting and Framing

Improper matting or framing will cause damage to your art over time. Acids contained in certain framing materials can cause paper to turn brown, become brittle and eventually deteriorate. For more info check out our page on framing here.



Caring for Framed Art

Even properly framed art is susceptible to environmental conditions. Protect your investment by taking the following precautions:



Properly framed, your fine art will give you pleasure and value for a lifetime.