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"Art is an expression of my personal experience with life. In my work, I have created a rhythmic improvisation of relationships and narrative sequences that are presented to the viewer through an exploration of color. My interest in the ever changing condition of man and his relationships with himself and others, provide the foundation for the various complexities of individual and group dynamics that I feel are vital in my works.

Color is the primary focus of my work and it provides the tone for delivering the image. This is evident in the intuitive flow as well its interaction with paper or canvas surface. These surfaces, in the form of raw canvas or paper void of pigment, are deliberate trials to remind the eye that what it is seeing is a creation from scratch, and that the trail exists from concept to creation.

The figure in perpetual motion, is my metaphor for the unfolding surprise, hope and ascension o the human spirit. Recurring images continue to be spirits or ancestors who protect and give guidance. My aim is to move the viewer into the mood and moment with the use of color and gesture; to feel certain changes, like fleeting moments of memory or dreams. Flecks of color and line are used to give life its streams of consciousness, experiences, and hopes. The sonorous use of color is an effective vehicle to narrate the universal experiences of relationships."

Sampson's illuminating works on un-stretched and un-primed canvas have gained him a national acclaim from private and institutional art collectors.

Born:            March 2, 1960, West Palm Beach, FL

Education:    BA Studio Arts, University of Maryland at College Park, 1984


Solo Exhibitions

2006    Power and Purpose, International Visions Gallery, Washington, DC

2005    Hot Fun in the Summertime, ZZaj Gallery, New York City

2004    Fascinating Rhythms International Visions Gallery, Washington, DC

2002    Recent Works International Visions Gallery, Washington, DC

2001    Main Street Communications, Washington, DC

1999    International Visions gallery, Washington, DC

            Monotypes & Pulp Paintings, Greenbelt Federal Courthouse, Greenbelt, MD

1998    Recent Works, Camille Love Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1997    Explorations & Celebrations, University of Maryland, University College Arts Program Gallery, College Park, MD

1996    Reminiscing, Camille Love Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1995    Recent Works Bagit Gallery, Chicago, IL

1994    The Governor's Club of the Palm Beaches. West Palm Beach, FL

            Ascension Gallery, Washington, DC

1993    Remembrance: Negro League Baseball. Sumner School Museum & Archives. Washington, DC

            Hughley Gallery & Objects, Atlanta, GA

1992    Pelloon Gallery. Washington, DC

            Spiral Gallery. New York, New York

1991    Pelloon Gallery. Washington, DC

            Arena Players Gallery, Baltimore, MD

1990    Len de Pas Gallery. Bethesda, MD

            DC Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC

1989    Sumner School Museum & Archives. Washington, DC

            Milestone Gallery, Washington, DC

1988    Martin Luther King Center, Bowie State University, Bowie, MD

            F-Clay-Tor Gallery, Washington, DC

            NBC Studio. Washington, DC

1985    Arena Players Gallery, Baltimore, MD


Selected Group Exhibitions

2006    Color Sense and Sequence: Preston Sampson, Susan Goldman and Kevin Cole. Legacy Fine Art Group. Bethesda, MD

2005    Collaboration as a Medium: 25 Years of Pyramid Atlantic. Traveling Exhibit. Edison Place Gallery, Washington, DC.  Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD

2005    Color Sense & Sequence: Susan Golman/Preston Sampson and Kevin Cole. Legacy Fine Art Group, Bethesda

2004       Fusion One

2003       Dance: Images in Time. International Visions Gallery. Washington, DC

2003    Sheroes & Wonder Women: Celebrating Women who Make A Difference. Lyda Moore Merrick Gallery. Durham, NC

On Common Ground: Two and Three Dimensional Art – Paintings, Photography, and Sculpture. Millennium Arts. Washington, DC

2002    Successions: Prints by African American Artist from the Jean & Robert Steele Collection. University of Maryland Art Gallery. College Park, MD

Rhythm & Blues: Preston Sampson & Kevin Cole. Sandler Hudson Gallery. Atlanta, GA

2001    African American Museum. Dallas, TX

Crosscurrents 2001: The Works of Pyramid Atlantic. University of Maryland Art Gallery. College Park, MD

            Dell Pryor Gallery. Detroit, MI

2000    Autumnal Equinox. Iandor Fine Arts. Newark, NJ

African American Emerging Artist. Cravens Gallery, Martha's Vineyard. West Tisbury, MA

            Colors. Black Fine Art Exhibition, Navy Pier. Chicago, IL

1999    African American Museum. Dallas, TX

Baltimore Museum of Art. Baltimore Contemporary Print Fair. Baltimore, MD

            Thelma Harris Gallery. White Linen Nights. Oakland, CA

            The Arts Club of Washington. Pyramid Atlantic Artist.

1998    First World Gallery. Washington, DC

            Critical Discoveries. Artist Museum. Washington, DC

1997    Absolut Expressions. Miami, FL

            Aphrodisiac. Ascension Gallery. Washington, DC

            Have A Cigar Box. Camille Love Gallery. Atlanta, GA

1996    Texaco Presents Olympic Sports Art. King Plow Arts Center. Atlanta, GA

1995    Manpower. Ascension Gallery. Washington, DC

            Hand Pulled. Ascension Gallery. Washington, DC

1994    National Black Arts Festival. Atlanta, GA

1993    Portraits, Spirits and Black Sacred Music: Schroeder Cherry-Preston Sampson. James E. Lewis Museum. Morgan State University. Baltimore, MD

            Ascension Gallery. Washington, DC

1992    Lockhart & Pettus Gallery: Verna Hart & Preston Sampson. New York City, NY

            Pelloon Gallery, Washington, DC

            Spiral Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

1991    Bridgette Bake Gallery, Annapolis, MD

            Mayor's Mini Gallery, Washington, DC

            Pelloon Gallery, Washington, DC

1990    Pelloon Gallery, Washington, DC

            Len de Pas Gallery, Washington, DC

1989    Mayor's Mini Gallery, Washington, DC

1988    Mayor's Mini Gallery, Washington, DC

            NBC Studio, Washington, DC

1987    F-Clay-Tor Gallery, Washington, DC

1984    West Gallery, University of Maryland. College Park, MD

1981    Aspiration. Nymburu Cultural Center. University of Maryland. College Park, MD


Selected Public & Private Collections

Yale University Art Gallery

Tubman Museum, Macon, GA

David C. Driskell Center, University of Maryland

Washington Convention Center

Bank of America

DreamWorks SKG

The Washington Post

District of Columbia Superior Court

National Education Association, Washington, DC

University of Maryland, College Park

Georgetown University

Absolut Vodka

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs

Montreaux Atlanta Music Festival

Palm Beach County Arts Council

Duke Ellington School of the Arts

Crowwell & Moring LLP

Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger LLP

Bill & Sharon Campbell

Thomas & Kaneta Cuffie

Dreell Walker

Peggy Cooper Cafritz

Samuel L. Jackson

Maya Angelou

Wendell & Marie Johns

Curtis & Leslie Lewis

Robert & Jean Steele

Mel & Juanita Boyd

Theodore & Thelma Jones





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Selected Awards & Grants


2002    Prince William County Public Schools, Artist in Residency

Artworks, Designs in Glass Bus Shelter Project, Arlington County Cultural Affairs

2001    Graham Park Middle School. Artist in Residence

            Maryland Capital Park & Planning Arts in Education Residency

2000    Prince George's Arts Council, Arts in Education Residency.

1999    Prince George's Arts Council, Arts in Education Residency. Collaboration: Journey of the Drum

            Rockledge Elementary School, Bowie MD. Mural @ 22' x 8'

            Prince George's Arts Council Educator of the Year

            Maryland Capital Park & Planning Arts in Education Residency


1998    Prince George's Arts Council Grant. Unting Mediums: Painting – Printmaking

1997    Prince George's Arts Council, Arts in Education Residency.


2000    Prince George's Arts Council, Arts in Education Residency.


Sampson uses acrylic paints; his vigorous brush strokes pulsate with rhythm and energy. Sampson explores jazz melodies in the most exuberant paintings of musicians and dancers. His goal is for his figurative portrayals “to emote, touch and move you to the center of it all.” Another reoccurring theme in Samson’s work is the dominant male figure, done in epic and heroic scale, exuding pride and dignity.

In 1997 Sampson was commissioned by Absolut Vodka to create a painting for their award winning ad campaign. Absolut Sampson has been a part of a traveling collection that has made stops in many major cities. Sampson also produced a series of monotypes titled “Critical Discoveries” for which he received recognition from Washington Post.

In some works, this contemporary artist has added to the excitement of his art through the use of the unstructured canvas as an actual medium in his work. "Using the ragged edges of the canvas has enabled me to create more of a feeling of movement to my work, Sampson explained recently. " It also provides the viewer an insight into the actual process used to create the work. It is presented as it was conceived.



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