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Pat Kabore

Never satisfied, I’m constantly thinking about, examining and
analyzing my work.

 As an artist I take my cultural, personal and life experiences to use as factors to translate onto my creative canvases.

My latest bodies of work reflect my quest to discover and produce works that me past the boundaries of myself.

In creating new works I discovered new parts of myself, greater patience, renewed energy and deeper reflections.

My art is my inner voice.  It is the visual expressions of all my extraordinary experiences as an African American woman and artist.

Greatly impacted by the art I saw while living in West Africa, my art incorporates much of many of the cultural influences I was privileged to have experienced.

 My artist signature is PAGA, a Mossi, west African word meaning woman.

I want my art to be bridges and connections to other cultures and people.

I have been especially influenced by the stories of women I heard when working in inner cities agencies across this country.  Much of my work is woman focused, telling and sharing HER STOREIS, the experiences of women.

I am forever searching to expand, and broaden my artistic development, to find and refine new creative voices.

As an artist I want my work to connect both visually and spiritually with the viewer, and if that happens then I have done my job as an artist.

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