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Elvin Elias Lee Kince

eli1Elvin Elias Lee Kince is an author, educator, designer, historian and a self taught fine artist. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio and began creating visual images at a very young age. He earned his undergraduate degree in graphic design from the University of Cincinnati and his master's degree from Yale University. He is the author of the book Visual Puns in Design and has published various newspaper and magazine articles.

Eli Kince is a tenured professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City As a professor, Kince has demonstrated his academic commitment through his involvement in creating new curriculum, initiating projects and serving as faculty mentor. He shares a concern for personal development that young people can relate to and designs his courses to infuse students with a belief in themselves and their uniqueness. Kince deals with the student's total attitude toward work, getting results that set a high standard in design and typographic excellence. He brings his graphic design expertise to his students where the focus is on analysis, interpretation, creativity individual responsibility research and presentation.

The genius and power of Eli Kince is his fascination with human relationships as well as his profound interest in recording the cultural and political history of human experience. He selectively utilizes strokes, lines and marks that convey the essence of the story he is telling in each work of art. His writing utilizes direct and indirect language mixed with word play and a commitment to communicate to his audience as the highest priority. The Kince technique of visual interpretation has evolved as an expressive form that communicates tonality, depth, emotion and spiritual consciousness in a unique style. His writings are the process of never-ending changes as he explores the edges of legibility and the individual interpretation of the experiences of life.

Eli Kince uses art to give society a direct visual and mental stimulus and explores and exposes thoughts, feelings and deep rooted experiences that might otherwise have no outlet. He is open to new and limitless visions that can reach out and touch without control of boundaries. "My art speaks for me but also for the ancestors. Thru my artwork, I work out what I want/need to work out spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and sometimes physically. All human experiences comes from the same spirit/truth and if I courageously utilize my -perceptions/interpretation of the spirit/truth, no matter what it looks like, my artwork will find the common thread of humanity in all of us."

Eli Kince has exhibited his artwork for three decades in numerous venues, nationally and internationally. In early 1995, he successfully completed a one-man exhibition in Moscow, Russia. Those who collect his work include corporations and individuals such as IBM, Toyota, Bill Cosby, Angela Basset, Maxi Priest, Bob Beamon and Danny Glover.

Eli Kince continues to selectively work in the graphic design industry as a consultant to design firms specializing in corporate identity and corporate communications design. His newest book, "I Remember Daddy: A True Fiction" was published in early 1999.

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