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Pita Ohewerei

pita         Pita Ohewerei, Nigeria's native son, and one of Africa's emerging artistic visionaries, is a graduate of the reputable AUCHI Federal Polytechnic in Nigeria's Edo State. As a freshman, Pita majored initially in Engineering but he would find out later that he could not ignore the artistic juices that flowed within him. Thus, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps to pursue formal studies in visual arts. His natural talents coupled with his well-balanced artistic preparation gives him the ability to bring out a depth and warmth to his works that has enchanted both critics and admirers alike, during his ten years as a professional painter.

His style is rooted in extremely detailed rendering that capture a broad range of moods and emotions often ignored by many artists. What distinguishes him is a technique that he developed. He calls this approach "SCRATCHEE . The technique involves spontaneous slashing of wet paint on canvas with a knife, whereby the ensuing images recede into abstraction, thus allowing the passage of pale light through translucent paint which creates an underlying somberness and a hint of literary magical realism. This approach gives his paintings a rare tonal complexity that have become the hallmark of his coveted masterpieces. What becomes of this technique is the progressive manifestation of visual strains through "BRUSHEE" and "SCRAPEE" - a fresh and bold approach to the new through innovative excellence.

Pita's international fame spans the African continent especially in South Africa, Ghana and of course, his native land Nigeria He is now poised to bring the same broad appeal to a new platform - The American Stage.

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