Artist Submission Guidelines

If you are an artist who would like to be considered for representation by Just Lookin' you must follow these guidelines. Our most important priority is taking care of our clients. Based on the scheduling of our shows,we review portfolios from April 1 to August 31 only. You may submit at any time but we will not look at your submission until our yearly review period. We are no longer accepting email submissions. We prefer jpg images on cd but we will look at slides. Please familiarize yourself with our gallery. We are a fine art consignment gallery specializing in originals and hand-pulled prints in low edition sizes. We only represent black artists. We are not interested in giclees, offset lithographs, work that has been reproduced in multiple sizes or overly commercial work. If you wish to have your portfolio reviewed in person, you must make an appointment during our review period. No portfolios will be reviewed without an appointment. We will not review any portfolios that do not include a resume and artist statement.

All submissions must include:

1) Good quality images either in jpg form on cd or slides.

2) A minimum of 8 pieces and no more than 20 images. If you work in different mediums or styles, we want to see examples of each. Do not send images of pieces that are sold or that have been reproduced.

3) Sizes, mediums and retail prices on a separate sheet.

4) Your resume & biographical information. Biographical information should include education, galleries exhibiting your work, any awards you have won, etc.

5) An artist statement

6) Contact information including a daytime phone number and email address. If you have a web site, please include url.

6) A SASE if you wish submissions to be returned.


We ask that you not contact us by telephone regarding your portfolio review. We will email you that we have received your submission. If we decide to represent you or have any questions, we will contact you during our review period.


All submissions should be sent to: Just Lookin' Gallery - 40 Summit Avenue - Hagerstown, MD 21740